Muscles Spasm in the Chest & Other Parts of Body

What is a muscle spasm?

Muscles Spasm is also known as the muscle cramp. It usually occurs by the sudden contraction of a muscle. Most of the time that contraction resolve of its own & quickly but it is really painful sometime.

Common Causes of Muscle Spasms

There are a number of causes of muscle spasms and each cause of spasms depends upon a number of factors like

  • The environment in which the body was.
  • Parts of the body involved.
  • Others.

People may suffer spasm due to overuse of muscles, tiredness, and injury of past, and sometimes sudden stress. It may occur due to overstretching of the muscle or held in one position for a long time period.

Sometimes the cells of the muscles run out of energy and fluid and experience muscle fatigue which in return occurs a forceful contraction. Sometimes just a part of muscle involves but if you feel severe pain it might involve whole muscle as well as other adjacent muscles.

Muscle Spasm in chest mostly observed in athletes who are continuously doing the tough times in hot & cold environments. This problem is also observed in the construction workers.

The Spasms mostly happen in the large or big muscles which feel sudden contraction due to lifting up of any heavy item. Muscle Spasms in the chest can also happen due to daily routine activities like mowing, cutting grass, shoveling snow and others. Along with chest spasm, you can also feel spasms in the neck, shoulder, or muscles in the back.

Treatments of Muscles Spasms

It is common saying that prevention is better than cure and it make sense in the case of muscles spasms regardless of skeletal position. The Muscles Spasms mostly associates with the overuse of muscles, holding a muscle in a particular position for long time, less usage of water or dehydration, and disturbance of electrolyte.

So, the first and foremost prevention you must ensure is taking of enough fluid on daily basis. Because if you suffer dehydration due to overuse of muscles while working in hot environment. So, keep on drinking enough water or any hygienic fluid is very crucial. Always use & keep water before and during working in hot environments.

Before doing any activity you must prepare your muscles to do so just like the sports man they do warm up before starting the game. Non Athletes must warm their muscles before starting any labor work like do mild exercise and stretching before jump in.

The initial treatment of the muscles spasms in chest and other body part is the gentle stretching to bring muscle of the back to its original length. While some other treatments include

  • Anti-Parkinsonism drugs (Artane, Cogentin, and others).
  • Muscles relaxants medicineaffect the GABA Receptorslike baclofen and diazepam (valium).
  • Tegretol& seizure may be effective for some patients.

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