Upper Left Back Pain Causes & Treatments

Most of the times the spine and muscles of the back are the cause of upper left back pain but it is commonly observed that in most the cases the pain is not related to back. Some other organs like pancreas or kidneys could create pain which spread at the different part of your body including upper back as well.

If you are a medical student than might be familiar with the causes but most of the times the severity level of the pain depends upon the root cause. You may feel pain dull ache, sudden pinch, or continuously.

Overall article is divided into 2 portions. The first portion is discussing the causes of upper left back pain & the second one dealing with how to get rid of upper left back pain.

Several Causes of Left Upper Back Pain

There are several causes of upper back pain for instance injury, tension in muscles, disorder of organs. Here we are mentioned some of the most occurring causes of Left Upper back pain.

Stress in a Muscles

This is also called the muscles strain which is tear or stretch of the muscle. If you feel stress in your upper back then this could happen at both left & right upper backsides. Muscles strain causes are the following.

  • Improperly lifting of heavy items.
  • Extra work
  • Sudden movements.
  • Swelling in Muscles.
  • A tear of Muscles Tissues.
  • Pain while breathing.

Herniated Disc

If the spinal bones separated by cushions then it is called the disc. A Herniated Disc is known as if a disc is ruptures and bulges out.

If the disc is in the upper spine or in the middle spine then you might experience either upper left back pain or upper right back pain. With either upper back pain, you can also feel pain in the leg, pain in the chest, abdomen pain, weakness in the legs, and poor bowel controls.


If you are suffering from scoliosis in which the spine curves on either side. It usually happens during the spurting growth. Mild curves in the spine usually do not cause any back. Other symptoms of scoliosis are the following.

  • Uneven legs or arms.
  • Off-centred head.
  • Uneven hips or waist.
  • Uneven shoulder.

In worse cases, it can lead to

  • Spine Rotation.
  • Damage of Lungs.
  • Damage of heart.


It is a kind of outside curve in the upper spine. The mild curve in the upper spine usually does not cause any pain or symptoms but if you are having a severe curve then you can feel bad pain in the lower & upper left back pain. It also causes

  • Stiffness in the blades of the shoulder.
  • Weakness in the legs.
  • Breathing Trouble.
  • Poor body positions.
  • Muscles Fatigue

Poor Body Posture

If you are suffering from any kind of poor body posture then unluckily you will feel pain in right or left upper back muscles. Because poor body postures add some overpressure or stress on your back muscles regardless of the position of muscles. You may also feel neck pain, pain in shoulders, and difficulty in breathing.


This happens due to unexpected inflammation in pancreases. Inflammation in the pancreas can cause severe pain in the upper part of your chest. You may feel worse pain while eating. With the left upper back pain, you may also feel

  • Fever.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting
  • Abdomen swelling.

Kidney Stone

Once you are done with the treatment of kidney stone & it left upon leaving the kidney it can cause dull upper left back pain. You may also spread in lower part, side, and groin. It may also cause

  • On & off the pain.
  • Pain while urination.
  • Red, pink, or brown urine.
  • Smelly urine.
  • Vomiting.
  • Nausea.
  • Others.

Treatment for Upper Left back Pain

You can treat the upper left back with the fine combo of medical & home remedies. But the treatment of upper left back pain totally depends upon the severity level of pain.

Home Remedies for Quick Relief

It is best to practice the home remedies if you have a minor or bearable upper left back pain else you need to run to your physician.

Hot & Cold Packs – Placement of hot & cold packs can bring relief to you!

OTC Medication – At home you can also take some anti-inflammatory medicines like naproxen and ibuprofen. They can also bring relief.

Light Exercise – light exercise or activities like stretching like I-Pose, W-Pose can also bring relief to minor back pain.

Medical Treatment

If home remedies don’t work for you and your back pain is getting severe than consult to your doctor it can prescribe you the best medical treatment. Either you need medicine, surgery, or physical therapy.

Meta Description – Read out the possible causes, symptoms, and treatment of Upper Left Back Pain. Consult your doctor if you are suffering from severe upper left back pain.

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